About the Project

This project started as an idea I had while we were moving back to Knoxville after spending two years in Arlington, Virginia. I had seen other projects where someone took a daily self portrait, or a family took a yearly mugshot and posted them all together and thought those were really interesting, and maybe I'd try something similar.

Thinking back over the two years in the DC area, I marveled at how much our boys had grown and how much they had changed and I decided that what we really needed was a daily snapshot of each member of our family over a year's period - and to make it even more interesting, we'd take it at as close to 8:00 AM as possible. That way, I felt, the portraits would be as close to the "real" us as I could make them - without the fussiness of getting all dressed up for portraits, we could just be ourselves.

Sometimes we are awake, sometimes we are a little groggy, sometimes our hair looks nice, sometimes it is sticking up all over the place, sometimes we have a zit right in the middle of our foreheads. Sometimes we're serious and sometimes we're goofy and sometimes we just forget to show up.

But that's what makes it all the more real...